I found a stray animal – what to do now?

First, keep calm and think reasonably!

The life of this poor creature is in your hands – yes, that’s right in your hands!

If the animal is hit by a car or looks very sick, take it immediately to a vet clinic! If you’re counting on someone else to do at some time it might be too late. Don’t wait another day because you may not find it on the same place.

Even if you find yourself without any money, veterinarians are likely to wait for the payment. There are a lot of vet clinics with this better attitude and they offer discounts for the treatment of homeless animals.

Up to now there is no proper institution in Bulgaria which takes adequate care for hurt or strays animals at risk found on the street. If the case is urgent and you call 112 or the fire department they may not be able to arrive on time or not show up at all.

There are vet clinics in Plovdiv and Sofia for free castration of strays and sometimes they’re able to take in urgent cases as well.

Vet clinic for stray animals in Bankya, Bankya, 37 Alexander Stamboliyski st., +359 888 40 44 47

Working hours: Monday-Friday 09 – 17:30, Saturday and Sunday – holidays.

Castration center Animal hope in Plovdiv: 23 Hashovska st. (behind the Water tower), 032 207 379

If you call an Animal rescue organization like ours they’ll do everything they can to help you – by giving advice or if they could they’d show up on the spot but you should know that they are all overloaded with cases and physically can’t respond to all cases. More of them, like us, are only volunteers who work just like you and combine volunteering with their hectic daily life and appointments.

Yes, there are municipal shelters (only for dogs, not for cats!) but the conditions there aren’t good at all and if the animal is still a baby or it’s stressed and sick, it’s a bad idea to send it there because this might endanger its life. Also shelters are usually overcrowded and the chances for adoption are quite slim (which means you’re dooming it to a caged life). It would be much better for the animal if you find a foster home and later – adoptive parents. It’s absolutely possible.

We’ve noticed that in most cases people are capable of handling and helping stray animal they just need little more courage, support and advice what to do.


Yes, it takes effort to help a stray animal but it’s not impossible and the result is amazing satisfaction and joy!

Yes, it takes some financial support to treat the animal if it’s sick but with help from friends, organizations, discounts at clinics, delayed payment and gathering donations – everything is possible!

We can share your post and give you useful advice. We’ll help with everything we can because every life is important but we don’t have enough space and resources to take every case. Not to mention, that almost always we’re overbooked with working on treatments, donation gathering and posting our current animals. We’re taking in the following animals as priorities:

  1. Sick, injured or seriously threatened (ex. threatened with poisoning or attacked by dogs)
  2. Babies without a mother (as long as we have a space to shelter them)
  3. Former domestic dogs/cats left on the streets who can’t manage on their own outside (usually it takes up to 1 month until they disappear or get sick)

Currently most of our foster homes are for cats. Every time we calculate the facts of how urgent the case is, can we accept it and if we have a place to foster it.

We don’t have space or resources for every one of them.

That’s why if you first try helping yourself – it would be best for everyone.

We recommend you to take nice, cute photos of the animal: a close-up photo with a cute face, a full-length photo, on a colorful background preferably at home etc. It would be great if the animal looks welcoming on photos which are taken with a good camera. Poor quality photos aren’t drawing enough attention from potential adopters and as much as you post them – if they appear unattractive and unwelcoming, the effort might not bring success. If you don’t have a proper camera or shooting skills and posting online, then ask a friend for help or look up our service (here: https://goo.gl/TDKkpq) for photos and sponsored posts for the purpose of adoption. Make a Facebook album with photos of the stray animal and a short description: gender, name, age, history and character, castrated or not, decontaminated or not and is it potty trained.

Afterwards you can share the album with some text and photos in Facebook groups for adoption and animal help while you can also publish an ads at bezdom.info and olx.bg. Post regularly – at least twice a week, always leave a phone number for contact and follow the comments below.

We’re also doing all this for adopting the found strays. As long as there are many helping people, there will be more saved animals with a home.


You’ll see that the result and efforts are worth it and they will be successful.


With love and respect,
Dare 2 Care Animals Team

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