Do you remember this look?

Do you remember this look?

Yes, this is Maze – that cute kitten with a charmingly strange cross-eyed look and folded ear, saved after a trauma from the street, probably from a car hit. You asked us “How is Maze and can she see?” and we can now answer with

VEEEERY GOOD news! Maze is not only cured now, with good eyesight, vaccinated and in good health, but she is also ADOPTED!

Maize and Lucy came to us as rescue kittens almost at the same time, with similar age. And Paul came up shortly after wanting to adopt a kitten. He accepted the challenge to take not, as he thought 1, but 2 kittens at home and he was never sorry about his choice after.

Maze and Lucy are now great furry pals – purring, cuddling, playful and immensly grateful and affectionate to their amazing Human Guardian who is in love with them and ready to do everything for them. Thank you Paul!

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