Hayvan is now well and he is ready for adoption!

09.2020. 👁 Cat at 180° degrees?!
⤴ Have you seen a cat looking at you with head upside down and walking coordination issues? This is how we found HAYVAN on the street. His life was hanging by a thread!

The life-saving SURGERY, following medical treatment of HAYVAN for “CHRONIC OTITIS MEDIA” and general care, costs 2156 BGN. Please SHARE and help us to help him!
HAYVAN’S CONDITION COULD NOT WAIT – for us to RECOVER financially and emotionally from the last few sick cats. His life hung in the balance, friends! This little frightened ball of life held its head to one side, felt terrible PAIN pinching inside his inner left ear, and moved in an uncoordinated way. His only saving option was to immediately perform a COMPLEX HEAD SURGERY – Punctia bulla tympani, to clear the dendritic mass and nasopharyngeal polyp from the channel and cochlea hollow of the inner left ear.
HAYVAN felt serious PRESSURE IN THE HEAD and PROBLEMS with COORDINATION OF MOVEMENTS from severe chronic inflammation and deep channel obstruction of the left ear (Chronic Otitis Media). Without the SURGERY for cleaning and drainage, the inflammation would surely reach the brain and lead to a fatal outcome for the little unfortunate kitten.
The head scanner (Computer Tomography, CAT scan) of HAYVAN’s head clearly shows how the left eardrum (middle and inner part of the ear) is different from the right, blocked, and severely damaged. The pressure from the stuck eardrum channels and the chronic inflammation eventually leads to damage of the middle and inner ear. The Middle and inner ear are responsible not only for hearing but also for balance and coordination of movements.

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