Turin is now well and he is ready for adoption!

Turin’s bad luck began 4 years ago when he was born on the street to a weak mother who carried the herpes virus. He and the other 3 of his litter became sick from the virus in the first month of their existence, as it often happens on the street. They started to sneeze constantly, their nostrils filled with fluid and they could no longer smell or оrientate, their eyes became red and swollen, itchy, full of sticky eye gunk, and soon after they started to close fully because of the raging virus. The kittens were terribly weak, apathetic, did not eat for days, and hardly moving when we found them. Turin had to stay for almost a month for serious medical treatment in a vet clinic and changed 2 foster homes before being safe. 3 of his 4 sick brothers and sisters – survived and both of his sisters were lucky to find their place in a cozy home.
Turin is a long-haired handsome cat and was also wanted and “adopted” as a kitten, but for a short time. After 3 years of living together, incomprehensible to us, his adoptive parents returned him because “there was no way to deal with a cat and a human baby at the same time.”
So, Turin’s bad luck continued. He is already 4 years old and is still with us and LOOKING FOR A HOME. The care and expenses for him continue, as does his immense desire for love, care, and attention.
After the stress of abandonment, Turin underwent a special diet to normalize his overweight state and irritated intestines, as well as control blood check and echography for the spleen and he was also treated for a skin problem that has already been successfully controlled. He will soon need a tooth extraction and tartar cleaning and hopefully nothing else soon!
We hope that with your help Turin’s bad luck will end! Please, share and help!

Turin is 3 years old. Beautiful, noble-looking, long-haired male. Playful, social, with hygienic habits, neutered, with typical and normal cat behavior. In Sofia. But he is NOT a baby. Or an accessory. And he is no longer desired.
Why is he abandoned? Because in the new home of his former humans, there is no longer space for him. He will be replaced with new furniture and a human baby. And his fur and cat games are unacceptable, inappropriate, and difficult to deal with when there is a baby, according to his already EX-humans. Without a clear reason for that and without trying to find a solution.
Now Turin belongs to no one and has an unclear fate. And because he has already come across people who do not consider him an important and long-term valuable family member. Please write to us ONLY if you have considered carefully the decision to have a cat long-term and do not intend to leave the cat at the first obstacle.
We strongly believe that co-existence between animals and young children is possible. What about you?
Turin is given for adoption with an adoption contract, in excellent health and shape, after a thorough veterinary examination.

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