Why Virtual Adoption & Sponsor Cat?

What can be a better gift for yourself or for a loved one than saving a life and getting in return some purring love or wagging tail joy?
After we rescue the animals in need from the street, many of them need medical treatment and foster care for a long time, before they can be adopted. Some of them are likely to not reach adoption at all, because of chronic diseases, special conditions, and needs, or specific character traits. Nevertheless, all of the animals are amazing and deserve help and care. Therefore, we search for virtual adoption sponsorship support.
Your Virtual Adoption Sponsorship for a particular cat will enable us to finance our care for the animal as long as it needs – medications, vet examinations, special treatments, food, accessories, etc.

How Long?

You can choose for how long to sponsor a certain animal, but we strongly recommend you to provide for it as long as it is with us until it finds a forever home and adopters. For instance, some cats can get adopted in 3 to 5 months, but for others, it might take up to 5 years or NEVER.
In case you are not able to provide for the animal at a certain point, we will terminate the virtual adoption and search for other sponsors for the animal. Do not worry, it will not return to the street.

What You Will Get In Return:

In addition, to your life saving monthly donation contribution you will also get:
  • Get to know the rescued animal/s – perfect way to communicate with more animals, even if you cannot have them in your house!
  • Receive detailed information, photos, videos, live streaming with the animal each week.
  • Visit the animal for at least 1  month or more often if possible, play, pet, and have a personal connection, if you would like                        (Not available Due to Covid-19).
  • Feel like this special rescue cat or dog is part of your life and well taken care of, because of your support.
  • Receive official documents and certificates for your financial contribution and you can reduce your taxes or boost your social image and community contribution.
  • Choose the name of the cat/ dog if it doesn’t have such already.
  • Receive Branded Dare 2 Care Animals Gifts – glasses, calendar, bag, T-shirts, special invitations for events, and other special things.  The gift depends on your contribution as a sponsor.
Try this Purrrfect LifeSaving Sponsorship! ( ♥ )

How to Become A Virtual Adopter & Sponsor?

It is very easy!
Step 1 
Choose the cat/dog to sponsor.
Step 2 
Enter your bank account, decide the amount (min. 25 Eur) of the sponsorship for virtual adoption and make the transfer to our organization account:
Bank Account : Dare Association, IBAN: BG58STSA93001527392765; BIC: STSABGSF; DSK BANK
Paypal: dare.association.bg@gmail.com
Description of transfer: Virtual Adoption – Name of the animal 
For example “Virtual Adoption – Cat Venera”
Step 3
Repeat the transfer every month! 
Write us an email or a message to our Facebook page that you have become a Virtual Adopter in order to receive photos, videos and information about the sponsored animal.
If you have any question, please write us at contacts@dare2careanimals.com or click here

The Monthly Minimum Amount of Virtual Adoption & Sponsorship

25 EUR

50 EUR

100 EUR

Animals for Virtual Adoption & Sponsorship