Yennefer is now well and She is ready for adoption!

07-08.2020. 🧙‍♀️🐈 Yennifer (Yeni)✨ is already healthy vaccinated and ready for adoption. She is looking for a home. Her walking is now normal, with no trace of the trauma she had before.
Yennefer (Yeni) – a street sweetheart with trauma on her right front leg.
STORY: Yennefer (Yeni) is a street sweetheart. A sorceress in ingratiating and petting lobbying for food, master of cute overload begging eyes. Expert in guarding important paths, street gatherings, and basements – where people pass by and where is safer from dogs. That’s how she survived for 4 years. Yeni is petted and fed by dozens of hands. Castrated. She learned to protect herself, not fight other cats, and seek food from humans. All went well for her until one day her front paw was injured. She was limping and suffering in pain, and no one and nothing was helping. Her usual activities, such as escaping dogs on the street and finding food, became increasingly difficult for her with a swollen limping paw, especially in a state emergency situation with very few people outside.
This is how Yennefer ended up with us. With a swollen, traumatized paw, with severe discomfort and fatigue, but still kind and lovely to people.
Without human assistance – most of the cats and dogs born on the street fail to survive in their first year on the street. Those who survive live an average life of 3 to 5 years – a life of many street dangers and obstacles.
With human help – food and medical care, when needed, cats and dogs on the street can live for 8-10 years. Strong food is a major factor in nature for strong immunity and endurance. It helps the body fight off viruses, bacteria, parasites and helps to recover from wounds and diseases. We are grateful to the people who fed and cared for Jennifer on the street, even though they couldn’t provide her medical care and shelter. Thanks to them she is a cat with such a lovely character – a human lover, that survived on the street for 4 years. Now it is our turn to help her – with medical treatment, care, and finding her a cozy safe home, worthy of the magical treasure that she is, an undisputed master in loving people.

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