Dare 2 Change Lives Program

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Dare 2 Care Animals started its educational program – Dare 2 Change Lives in 2018. The program aims to inform and motivate people to provide a better life and care for Bulgaria’s animals (indoor/outdoor). Especially for domestic and stray animals.

The program includes the following activities:
1) Online videos to improve the quality of life of domestic and stray animals in Bulgaria,
2) Educational initiatives with children in schools, youths and citizens online/offline,
3) Consulting and advising online/offline people about better care for animals.
4) Educational presentations and initiatives on the topic at public places, schools, offices, working spaces, and online on social network platforms.
Education program (online and offline) “Dare 2 Change Lives” for giving good examples, better care, and understanding for pets. We reached offline more than 300 kids and grown-ups with information and educational events and training for improving animal welfare in Bulgaria. We regularly publish in social platforms online informative – educational posts about neutering, better pet care, how to provide better life to pets and what can be done more to reduce street animals number and improve animal welfare in the country.