Who are we?

Our organization

The Dare 2 Care Animals project is born out of a love for animals and a desire to help stray animals, which often have no one to take care of them. Despite the difficulties and the lack of stable funding, the project continues to take place thanks to donations and the help of volunteers since 2015. Today, the project has grown into the main activity of the DARE association with the help of volunteers.
Dare 2 Care Animals mainly relies on donations for its activities. There is no funding from institutions, programs, or projects. Together with YOU and your help, we are able to help stray animals and change the attitude towards them in Bulgaria!

Our activities:

1) Educational posts and video materials online to improve domestic and stray animals (dogs and cats) in Bulgaria and reduce their number.
2) Recommendations, tips, and advice for people who have found stray animals – for rescue, treatment, socialization, training, and adoption.
3) Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) stray cats, to reduce their number in Bulgaria
4) Treatment of the captured from the street sick animals and if they cannot be returned to the street due to their condition – search for a home and adoption.
For almost 5 active years, we have rescued, domesticated, and neutered over 250 animals and every year we consult over 600 people to rescue and care for the homeless. We help stray animals through temporary foster homes of volunteers, without which our activities would not be possible, because we do not have our own shelter and we place the rescued animals in these homes after they are rescued until they are adopted.
Our main activities are operational activities for the rescue, treatment, accommodation, adoption of the animals, transport, projects, social media work, contacts with partners, organization of charitable & informational events, educational activities – creation and publication of informative materials, and training of young people. We welcome everyone who wants and can help animals in one way or another! Because every life is important to us!
About 50% of the stray animals on the street are former pets or generations of them – discarded, abandoned, or lost. On the street, they have a short life, fraught with danger, injuries, diseases, cold, and hunger. Every year we rescue, treat, and neuter injured, sick, and endangered stray animals. The promiscuous breeding and abandonment of new pets every year and the lack of awareness are an important part of the problem.
To achieve a long-term change of the situation with the stray animals in Bulgaria and so that fewer animals suffer on the street every next year, we are among the first organizations to launch an educational program for better and more responsible care of animals – stray and domestic ones. This is the focus of our educational program Dare 2 Change Lives – with children and young people in schools and educational video materials online, reaching a wide audience.
We make daily efforts to raise people’s awareness of how to solve the problem with abandoned animals in general, promote the idea of animal adoption, and improve the quality of care of animals. Stray animals are a responsibility of all of us and everyone can contribute with something!
If what we do excites you, see how you can support us or join our small community of volunteers here.
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