Dare 2 Be The Change!

Be a temporary foster home for a kitten or a dog in need

We firmly believe that the best approach to socializing stray animals is to place them in FOSTER families until we find them forever homes. If you want to be a temporary home for a kitten or a dog in need, WE WILL provide all needed stuff – cat litter box, food, and water bowls, transport cage, toys, etc., as well as help, guidance, advice, and everything you need during the period of temporary care. All you need to do is taking CARE with LOVE and ATTENTION to the animal you welcome in your home and heart eventually;

Help with the transport

If you have a car and spare time which you would like to donate to the cause, you can help with the transportation of the animals from and to clinics, to their foster or forever homes;

If languages are your passion, join our translators’ team

Translation and processing of information about the animals, the cause, and our activities in general (mainly English and German).

Awareness and of spreading information

If you are a social media fan, you can help us spread the word for the cause as well as useful information related to the problem of stray animals in the country.

Photography & Design, Video & Editing

They are essential for what we do to help more cats and dogs, thanks to good pictures and videos we are able to reach people for adoption, sharing, or just informing with important animal welfare information. Join us!

Writing Texts and Generating Ideas

If you immediately win and attract others with your words and descriptions and love animals, we will be happy if you can help us with writing. If you have other ideas on how to save more homeless cats and dogs, raise more money, or inform more people about better animal care, we will be happy to hear from you – care.2.animals@gmail.com


Finances are never enough, so we welcome every donation or idea to generate donations with great thanks. In addition to finances, we are happy to accept donations in the form of supplies, required for the removal and treatment of our animals, as well as cat and dog food (for food, see more here: a link to a blog article about food types)
And finally … Hearty and very warm thanks! If you clicked and opened to read here, it means that the cause for rescuing street animals really excites you and this makes us happy! All animal faces and paws and all canine tails and tongues are also ready to thank you in their own adorable way.