We are a small NGO organization with volunteers helping street animals with the limited resources and time we have. We do not receive funding from the state or from funds.

Your help allows us to help MORE! We welcome everyone who wants and can help the animals in one way or another.



  • Educational and online videos to improve the quality of life of domestic and stray animals (dogs and cats) in Bulgaria.
  • Educational initiatives with children in schools, youths and citizens offline – Dare 2 Change Lives Program (2018)
  • Capture, Castrate/ Neuter and Return (TNR) – in order to reduce the stray animals’ population in Bulgaria
  • We rescue, heal, neuter and adopt stray animals in need.

Each of us can be useful for the cause. If you want to do more, write to us. One of our main aims is to enable and educate more people to help the cause.
For contacts and questions – email us at  contacts@dare2careanimals.com or write us a personal message on Facebook.