We are an NGO – NPO based on voluntary work for helping stray animals with the limited funds, time, and resources that we have. We do not receive any funding from the state or from special funding programs. Your help allows us to help MORE! We welcome everyone who wants and can help animals in one way or another.


1. Educational posts and video materials online to improve domestic and stray animals’ (dogs and cats) life and care in Bulgaria.
2. Educational initiatives with children in schools, young people, and citizens offline – Dare 2 Change Lives program (2018).
3. Trap, neuter, and return (TNR) – to reduce the number of stray animals in Bulgaria.
4. We rescue, help, neuter, and adopt stray animals in need.
Each one of us can be beneficial to the cause. If you want to contribute as well, feel free to contact us. For contact and more information – send us a personal message on Facebook or contacts@dare2careanimals.com


– babies without mothers,
– crushed, injured, or sick animals,
– recently discarded or abandoned domestic animals, which would not survive on the streets,
– animals in great danger or facing serious danger.


1) Health check-up, treatment, neutering, chipping, and passport issuance in a veterinary clinic,
2) Accommodation in a foster home and a search for one,
The stray animals that we rescue are placed in foster homes (a limited number of them are available and sometimes it takes time to find new ones)
3) Foster care, deworming, vaccines, socialization, preparation for adoption.
The animal remains in a foster home for an average of 3 to 5 months, depending on its condition and the time of its adoption.
We take good photos/videos and write detailed descriptions of the animal.
We provide regular check-ups and long-term / supportive treatment if necessary.
Deworming and vaccines.
Often during this period, we are in need of donations for the treatment and care of the animal. We publish the expense report and up-to-date information in its album.
4) Search for adoptive parents
We periodically publish ads and posts about the animal on our pages until the moment of its adoption. This may seem like an easy task, but it actually takes a lot of time and effort.
5) Adoption
Most of the rescued animals are given for adoption healthy, clean, neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, with a chip and a passport.
We have an adoption process through which we select suitable and caring adoptive parents for the animals. The process includes a questionnaire, in-person meetings, a house check, and sign an adoption contract.
6) Feedback
After the animal is domesticated, we receive photos, post them on our pages, and then do at least one or more (depending on the location of the adoptive parents) checks on the new home to make sure everything is in order.


We can’t provide help to all the stray animals on the street, but we can gradually reduce their number with the “neuter and return” method, which has proven effective in reducing the number of stray animals in many countries.
Some of the animals we help are wild and it is very difficult for them to be domesticated or they wouldn’t feel good at home. They are treated, neutered, dewormed, and released back outside. After that we keep taking care of some of them on the street – we look after them and feed them.


We also organize community events and initiatives with volunteers and contributors for fundraising. Anyone could help with anything. Our events have not only a charitable purpose but also an informative one about our activities. We believe that talking about the issue plays an important part in solving the problem with stray animals in Bulgaria. Also, building confidence in the organization work and people who are fighting to overcome it.



We fully support ourselves on donations and most of the time a part of our team is engaged in collecting new donations and funds.
We are happy to accept donations in any form. See how you can help us here: (link to the page Donate)
We believe that the responsibility of solving the problem with stray animals is shared, not just of the institutions. If our society treats animals more responsibly and there are fewer discarded and more adopted animals, this would be beneficial for all of us and the problem would be solved sooner.
You can find out more about how you can help the cause here: https://goo.gl/CwnS5A



We believe that education has an important part of the long-term solution to the problem with stray animals and the better overall care of animals in Bulgaria.
Read more about our educational program and activities here: