Dare Association – Dare 2 Care Animals is established in 2014 in Bulgaria. Our mission is to help homeless animals, reduce their numbers on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, and organize activities to inform people about improving animal welfare.
We are an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and NPO (Non-Profit Organization). We are not funded by any government, ministry, municipality or foreign NGO. All of our activities are based on charity and voluntary work. We rely on donations and volunteering for our activities and we welcome anyone who wants to help animals. We publish veterinary reports and expenses on our page, as well as many of our animal rescue stories. We specialize in cat cases. Street cats in Bulgaria are rapidly increasing and there is no governmental program for reducing their number.
We also started an Education program (online and offline) “Dare 2 Change Lives” for giving good examples, better care, and understanding for pets. We reached offline more than 300 kids and grown-ups with information and educational events and training for improving animal welfare in Bulgaria. We regularly publish on social platforms online informative – educational posts about neutering, better pet care, and what can be done more to reduce street animals number and improve animal welfare.
The main objectives of the Association are:
1. Rescuing, healing, and rehoming street animals. Especially the wounded or abandoned ones which can’t survive on their own on the streets.
2. Informing and presenting different opportunities for rescuing animals to the public.
3. Promoting and informing the people of animal rights and animal protection.
4. Organizing charity, informative, and adoption events during the year.
5. Providing more care for animals with fewer opportunities and disabilities. Working on their adoption and acceptance in society.
6. Preserving the environment and protecting the animals, promoting the humane treatment of animals on the local and national level.

Our Current Main Activities:

1) Educational and online videos to improve the quality of life of domestic and stray animals (cats) in Bulgaria.
2) Educational initiatives with children in schools, youths, and citizens online/offline  – Dare 2 Change Lives Program (2018)
3) Consulting and advising online/offline people who found wounded street cats.
4) Trap–Neuter–Return (TNR) – in order to reduce the stray cats’ population in Bulgaria
5) Healing, neutering, and adoption of those street cats, which are in dire need or injured and can’t be returned to the street.
6) Organizing informative public events to reach more people about animal welfare.
7) Organizing charity events to be able to finance the work of our organization.
8) Working with volunteers for organizing and implementing events and activities.
Your help allows us to help MORE! We welcome everyone who wants and can help the animals in one way or another.
Each of us can be useful for the cause. If you want to do more, write to us. 
For contacts and questions – email us at  contacts@dare2careanimals.com or write us a personal message on Facebook.