Temporary Foster Care/Home for A Cat


🐾 Maybe they will give you more than you do to them?

🐾 Dare 2 foster cats in need and save a life!

Being a temporary receptionist is BEING SPECIAL AND SIGNIFICANT! Because every animal transformation and happy life matters.

🐾 If you want to be this special person/family, write us – contacts@dare2careanimals.com

foster home

🐾 How?

Being a temporary foster home of a cat is not difficult!
Dare 2 Care Animals team will help you in the process. We will provide you with everything you need, such as advice, training if necessary, and we will cover the costs of the animal until it is adopted – medical treatment, cage, toilet, food, etc. We do not want the animals to be in cages until we find their permanent home. We know that foster homes play a key role in the recovery, socialization, and wellbeing of rescued street animals.
Cats rescued from the street arrive at the temporary foster home with toilet and cage, after a vet check-up, de-worming, and medical procedures if needed. We will also take care of finding adopters.

🐾 Temporary foster care includes:

  • You provide a safe home or a separate room (if you already have other animals) where an animal can be sheltered from the street. Some healthy, social animals do not need a separate room, and they can live with other animals in the house, as long as your pet is social.
  • You give food to the animal twice a day;
  • You give attention to the animal in your free time at home, according to its needs and character. In some cases, you might need to give pills or special food;
  • You bring the cat to the vet with us, or we take it from your place and bring it;
  • When prospective adopters appear, they will visit your home together with our representative to see the animal.

🐾 Why?

  • To have a nice friend and company at home
  • To give a new chance to live an animal in trouble
  • Because of the enormous amount of love and happiness that every animal saved from the street gives.
  • Because the animals in a foster home socialize faster and the chances of finding adopters are much higher.
foster care

🐾 Where and How long?

Sofia City. The foster commitment may be short or long, depending on your capabilities. Usually, animals in foster homes are adopted in up to 3 months, except for more complex cases that take a longer time.
If at any point you can no longer care for the animal, Dare 2 Care Animals will find a new temporary foster home for it until adoption.

🐾 Can I Try Foster Care and After Adopt The Animal?

YES, OF COURSE! If you love animals, but you are not sure that you can handle a pet at home and what type of pet is fit for you, then temporary foster care is a great opportunity for you to try and find a pet that suits you. Some of our temporary foster homes are becoming permanent homes for some of the homeless animals that they fostered and they are happy together.

🐾 Needed skills?

Most importantly, your attitude, commitment, care, and responsibility to the animal are important for you to be a foster home.  Some of the animals rescued from the street are often frightened or injured, and they need some time to socialize, heal or recover and adjust to the new place. Some of them need to be given medicines or need to visit the vet more often until they fully recover.  It is often essential to have patience, motivation, and love to care for a rescue animal and it often comes naturally once you have seen it if you are committed to the cause.
It is a big plus if you have previous experience in cat care, but even if you don’t have such – our team members will explain everything to you and assist you.