How Does Adoption Happen?

Our adoption process explained step by step:
1. FILL IN OUR SHORT QUESTIONNAIRE in order to understand more about you and what is important to discuss further.  We often give advice and recommendations on how to choose a pet that fits you most, as well as advice for follow-up care and training. This information is quite useful for people with less experience with pets.
2. Meet the animal(s) you liked and see whether you match as a character; We will also participate in the assessment
3. Home check – we visit your home to check if it is enough secured and safe for living with a pet. We give advice and guidelines on the spot of what can be improved at the home for the safety and happiness of the pet and the human. For example – people often do not know that for cats’ safety it is IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY to have window nets with strong lockers in order to prevent unfortunate accidents.
4. Prepare & buy the necessary equipment for your pet – leash, litter box, toys, scratcher, safety nets, etc.
5. Sign up and adoption agreement contract with stated obligations of each party – ‘us’ as NGO and ‘you’ as ADOPTER(S)
6. You can bring home your new furry family member.  It also comes with a European passport with all dewormings, tests, and health history.
Our adoption process is not long and complicated and it can happen within 2-3 days with goodwill and good timing. All the steps described above are important to us, to assure that our rescued animals will go to good and caring families and their story will happily continue.
Our team is friendly and polite be sure we will provide as much follow-up help as you need.
Your personal data sharing is consistent with the GDPR standards and with our registration as a non-governmental organization, registered and allowed to process personal data for its operational activities.
For questions and more information, you can write us at or PM us on our Facebook page.