We all love small cuddly kittens, they are cute and fluffy no doubt. But they are also more demanding in care. The

First things first – keep calm and be cool-headed. IN CASE YOU HAVE FOUND A STRAY PET, THEIR LIFE DEPENDS ON YOU!

One of the most common reasons why pets are being abandoned in Bulgaria is the appearance of a baby. More than once

Benefit 1 and Myth 1: “Cats are more relaxed and lazier than dogs, so they don’t require much of your time and

We receive and see many messages for liking an animal and wanting to take it home. However, YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED HOW

Have you considered that when you have a cat or dog at home, you should carefully check the plants at home by

How Often Do You Play with Your Cat or Do you Play at All? Cats are natural predators and you should never

We all love our feline friends with no doubt. But do you really think only our love will be enough to make

If you are planning to adopt a cat or have one already, you must prepare your home to be cat-proof and enough

Do you think your cat can eat everything? If you said “yes” you must read the rest of the text slowly and