If you are planning to adopt a cat or have one already, you must prepare your home to be cat-proof and enough safe for your furry friend.
Cats like to play, touch and explore a lot and they can easily get themselves into trouble. As pet parents, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment.
Being a guardian of an animal is a happy experience for most people, but it’s important to take precautions and be ready. You can easily keep your cat out of harm’s way by reading this advice.

1) Securing Your Windows and Balcony

Cats can balance very well but they can also easily slip and fall of a window ledge. Fallowing of fly, butterfly, or pigeon can be very distractive for the cat and it can end up by falling from the balcony/window. Also, cats don’t always land on their feet, and even if they would, falling from heights can still cause fractures, major internal organ injuries, disability or painful death.
You have to keep all your windows shut at all times while you are not at home. If you need to get fresh air, please install a catproof screen on your windows and balcony doors. Add safety locks or screw the screen in place if necessary. Don’t use sliding screens unless they have a latching mechanism to prevent accidental opening.
We won’t recommend you leave your windows open while you are not at home even if you have protection on your windows.

2) Poisonous Plants

Cats love chewing and playing with plants. You might be letting your cat destroy or play with your plants. But you need to be able to accurately identify plants and flowers that are poisonous to cats.
if your cat eats some unknown plant and shows these symptoms; sudden collapses, repeatedly vomiting, severe diarrhea, signs of excessive irritation (redness, swelling, blistering, or rawness) of the skin of the mouth or throat, a veterinary surgeon should be contacted immediately.
You can see the full list of Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants

3) Cleaning Supplies and Medicines

Detergents, bleaches, disinfectants, toilet cleaners, washing powders, air fresheners, pest control agents, and common household cleaners can be very poisonous, even if a cat walks on a treated floor or counter, and then licks its paws. Make sure cleaning products are stored safely in cabinets.
Also, be aware of which potentially toxic car products are near your cat. Keep antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid locked away. Thousands of pets die each year from drinking this stuff, which smells and tastes good to them.
Human medicine can also cause very serious stomach problems for pets, or worse yet, kidney or liver failure. About half the animal poisonings reported are due to accidents involving human medications, so keep them tucked away.

4) Messy Cords, Electric Shock or Burns

Cords are totally dangerous to cats, especially if you have smaller kittens. A curious or playful cat may chew on a cord and get exposed to electrical shock. A cat may also get tangled in messy cords or pull a heavy object (a radio, an iron, TV) onto itself. Make sure there is no mess behind your TV or computer desk. You can tie sets of cords together using plastic braces, hide them in wire molds that are attached to the wall, hide cords under a rug, duct tape them to the floor or to the side of the appliance or buy chew-proof cable protectors.

5) Keep Toilet Lid Down

6) Strings and Threads

We are highly advancing to keep the toilet lid down, so the kitty doesn’t fall in. It might be a good idea to leave a note to remind guests to close it as well. A thirsty kitten could fall in the bowl and not be able to climb out.
Make sure all thread and string are safely put away. Sewing rooms or equipment, in general, can be very dangerous for pets. It is easy for a cat to choke on some thread while playing with it. Needles also pose a real danger to animals.
7) Block off any holes or small spaces (for example, behind washers and dryers).
8) Check for pets before you start the dryer, washing machine, or close drawers.
9) Don’t leave your house or room with a burning candle.
10) Smaller or breakable items should be kept higher than your pet can get to.

Thank you very much for reading!!
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