Dare 2 Care Animals mainly relies on donations for its activities. There is no funding from institutions, programs, or projects. Together with YOU and your help, we are able to help stray animals and change the attitude towards them in Bulgaria!

Bank transfer to our bank account

Dare Association,
                 IBAN:BG58STSA93001527392765                    BIC: STSABGSF; DSK BANK



SMS Donation- Monthly SMS Donations
1, 2, or 5 BGN 

and send as
SMS to number 17777

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Virtual Adoption & Sponsor Cat

Regular Support
to Cats in NEED

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Material Donations

Food, Medication (Anti-parasitics), Transport Cages, Sand, Beds, Bowls, Consumables, Toys, Pet Accessories.
Please contact us for material donations at contacts@dare2careanimals.com or click here

How will my donation help cats?

Your donation supports activities that are saving lives, reducing suffering, and improving the quality of life for more cats. You can click here to see where your donation go