We all love small cuddly kittens, they are cute and fluffy no doubt. But they are also more demanding in care. The special food diet and the time they need for establishing hygiene habits are things people never think about when they first see them. And last but not least – the fact that they are just about to develop and change their character – are they going to be playful, talkative, or sleepy and calm – no one could guarantee this before they grow up and show you on their own.
That’s why we often advise adopters to consider taking the elder cat and here are few reasons why it might be the best decision for you as well;

  • What you see is what you get (for sure kittens are very cute, but you can’t be sure how they are gonna change and turn out),
  • They have already established their personality, so you can easily decide if it is going to fit your and your family atmosphere,
  • Senior cats are more often tend to relax with you unlike many wild and full of energy kittens,
  • …but this doesn’t mean that they are boring. Older cats are still playful and ready to appreciate all kinds of toys you give them.
  • Senior cats seem to understand that you saved them,
  • Kittens chew on everything, adult cats chew less and save their energy for more important stuff like chilling, taking naps, staring through the window, 
  • Older cats have already established their hygiene habits and are less likely to “forget” where the litter box is,
  • Adult cats are expert groomers and always look good. Kittens are just too busy playing to keep themselves clean,
  • They know that toys are for biting (hands and feet are not allowed!),
  • And last but not least you might be their ONLY CHANCE for a better life. Senior cats are some of the hardest to find a home for! That’s why when you adopt an older cat you are TRULY SAVING A LIFE!
And we thank you for that!
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Senior Cats Can LOVE You More Than You Think!

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