10 Things You Might NOT Know About CATS
  • Cats purr not only when they are happy, but also sometimes for comfort if they are not feeling well.

  • Cats usually do not meow in nature to each other. They have learned to meow as a way to communicate with humans.

  • Cats like warm and the ideal outside or room temperature for them is around 18 - 24°C. Their ancestors were wild cats that lived in warm climates in North Africa and Southwest Asia.

  • Most domestic cats are easily frightened by unfamiliar things and noises and can get lost due to panic in a new unsafe place or when transported without a TRANSPORT CAGE.

  • Cats often do not like water unlike dogs and do not need to be bathed often as they clean themselves.

  • Whether two or more cats will get along together in a home does not depend on their sex, but rather on their character, the space available for each one, the way they are socialized and whether they are neutered.

  • Cats can mate between relatives, in the absence of other cats in the area or home. Babies from inbred cats are prone to genetic diseases.

  • If a cat brings a mouse, insect or toy to a person's bed, sofa or doorstep, then this is a sign of trust and love for the person and the place where they feel safe.

  • Cats' sense of smell is 15 times stronger than a human's, and their hearing is 4 times longer than a human's, with the ability to distinguish sounds better and at higher frequencies.

  • Cats can jump up to 6 times their length.

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