Benefit 1 and Myth 1:Cats are more relaxed and lazier than dogs, so they don’t require much of your time and attention. Having food, water, and a roof over their head is enough.
When cats are being left alone at home during the day, especially when they are young, they do sleep most of the time, but when you get home, they get hyper-energetic and want to play with you. If you have 2 cats, when you leave your home, either for work or with friends, the cat won’t be alone and would have a playmate, which is a huge benefit for all parties. After all, you are the only living being within the premise of your house and they don’t get the opportunity to socialize much more. If you have only one cat, there is a big chance that it will wake up you during nighttime because it would seek attention and it will want to play. But if you have 2 cats, they will play with each other and will be self-sufficient which would lead to you being unbothered.
If you LIVE ALONE OR HAVE A VERY BUSY SCHEDULE AND DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME TO SPARE, either don’t get a pet or do get 2, so you don’t make one kitten miserable. If you still do want to adopt a cat, you may consider getting an older one, because they don’t require much attention and don’t want to play that much (not at all if we may say so).
Benefit 2 and Myth 2: It is a myth that cats are OK by being alone and be BORED all day at home by themselves. In nature, cats move in herds and most of them would prefer if they were surrounded by their all kind. This is especially true when we talk about younger and more energetic kittens or cats.
You might think: “What’s the problem – isn’t it true that cats SLEEP ALL THEY and are lazy?”. YES. This is somewhat true, they do sleep 15 hours a day, but during the rest of the time, they are quite active and want to play and hunt. After all, they are predators. So, don’t say that we didn’t warn you about your cat start scratching and play roughly to get some attention and playtime.
Benefit 3 and Myth 3: In reality, the difference between raising 1 or 2 cats isn’t that big, as most people think. This is one of the main reasons why most people only want to adopt one cat. If you decide to adopt 2 cats at the same time, they will use the same toilet and you can teach them to get used to eating one type of food. Only the expenses for vaccination and deworming would multiply but this is not a daily expense, it happens a couple of times a year. We strongly recommend considering getting a companion for your cat!
Benefit 4: If you have more than one family member – then you do need more than one cat because this would decrease the jealousy and would increase the cat attention and love each human receives!!!
NOTE*: It is important to mention that not all cats get along. Just as humans, cats sometimes don’t like each other. That’s why if we have convinced to you get a second kitten or two cats at once, please try to pick them carefully, not just by looking at their cuteness and appearance, but do consider their age and character, so they can become friends easier. The most important thing when you try to socialize two animals regardless of them being dogs or cats is your PATIENCE. Getting along sometimes may take longer – a couple of days or even a month or two. Seeing them playing, licking, or cuddle with each other for the first time is priceless.
If you are adopting two kittens at once, we strongly recommend them being brothers or sisters, because they would have already been used to each other. For animals, it is also hard to get separated from their family or friends. It is also important to mention that when hormones hit, cats don’t really choose that much and they can mate with their family members so it is important when you get a female and male kitten, that you castrate the female one when it gets 5-6 months old and the male one on 11-12 months old, so you won’t end up with a whole bunch of them.
We wish you all the best and good luck in your choice of getting a pet/pets and loads of cat/dog love!
With love and care to all animals and humans,
Dare 2 Care Animals

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