We receive and see many messages for liking an animal and wanting to take it home. However, YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED HOW OFTEN people want to take an animal home with an impulsive decision and after when responsibilities start, they reconsider. Too often! Shelters and streets have too many abandoned animals.
We do not approve all adoption requests, only those which are serious and well-thought-out. We have an adoption procedure and contract as most of the other experienced rescue organizations. Because liking or loving an animal is not enough for Adoption. Adoption means a LONG-TERM, RESPONSIBLE CARE, providing a safe home and a good healthy, and happy well-being of a living creature for all his/her life. We think that pets should be considered as family members, not as goods to buy, beautiful objects, house accessories, or kid toys.
Adopting and abandoning an animal is traumatizing, not ethical, and illegal.
So think well and if you are ready for a long-term new family member commitment we will be happy if you write us! If you are not sure, consult with us or other experienced people or consider trying first with temporary foster care for a rescue pet.
Here is what you need to consider before adoption:
  • Do you have enough space at home for this animal?
  • Is your apartment/ house cat or dog secured and safe?
  • Do you have enough time for this animal?
  • Do you know that abandoning an animal is a crime?
  • Do you have enough knowledge and experience for caring for this pet properly?
  • Have you provided the necessary things for your pet? Transport cage, toilet (for cats), leash, harness, muzzle and poo bags for dogs, bed, food and water cups, toys (also necessary for yours and your pet’s happiness!), food, chewing things, and training tools (for young pets), anti-parasitic treatment.
  • Do you know what is the character and needs of this specific animal? Is it fit for you and your household?
  • Do you have enough financial and life stability for long-term pet care (10-15 years)?
  • Can you cover future medical expenses of the animal in case of an accident or sickness?
  • Have you considered that your future pet might require some training efforts?
We do not consider “Gifting” an animal to be a good practice, as it is a long-term responsibility and it should be thought very carefully, before taking the animal. Animals given as a gift are most of the time abandoned soon after.
Our duty and deepest belief is to provide the best care and safe, happy long life to the rescued animals. They deserve it! We hope more people think the same.
Thank you for reading. Adopt Do Not Shop and Dare 2 Care Animals!
Dare 2 Care Animals Team

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