We all love our feline friends with no doubt. But do you really think only our love will be enough to make them happy?
Just as humans, cats have a wide range of negative emotions such as boredom, depression, and loneliness. There are many ways to make your cat happier. If you take a little time to enrich your cat’s environment, you will have a happier cat. You can also improve your communication by making them happier.

1) Healthy Cat = Happy Cat

The health of your cat is the most important thing. If you would like to keep your cat healthy and happy, we would highly recommend you to visit your veterinary at least ones in a year. Don’t forget to make regular deworming and anti-parasitic treatment.

2) Constant Fresh and Clean Water!

You have to provide fresh and clean water at all times to your cats. It is essential not only to make your cat happy but also to ensure their good health. If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, it can also face serious kidney disease.
– Provide 2-3 bowls of water and refresh them every day (during the summer more often).
– Provide a water fountain. Chose the type circulating and filtering the water (must get one if you have a senior or super senior cat).

3) Choose The Right Litter Box and Keep It Clean!

Choose a litter box according to your cat size. It should be enough high and large for your cat to feel comfortable in it. There are many different types of litter boxes (open, enclosed or electronic) on the market and make your choice according to your cat preference too. You must clean your litter box every day, because nobody likes to use a dirty toilet, especially cats!

4) Attention and Entertainment

There are many ways to keep your cat entertained and happy. A few things for you:
– Cats should have lots of toys to play with. Small mouse or a ball they can carry in their mouth, catnip toys, fishing toys and etc. If you’re not around much to play with them, use automatic cat toys they can play with by themselves.
– Take the time to play with your cat. Use toys and try different games such as chasing the laser pointer, fishing stick cat toys, or the ping pong ball in a bathtub.
– Set up an indoor playground (cat towers) where they can jump, climb, hide, hunt, and play.
– Play with them actively and regularly.
– Provide cat scratcher.
A tired cat means a happy cat. If you spend active time with your cat and play with them every day to exhaust them, they will have no reason to complain.

5) Cat Grass = Happy Chewing

6) Consider Adopting Second Cat

The grass is a form of fiber that helps cats either throw up hairballs or digest them. It also has trace minerals and vitamins A and D.
Please do not confuse cat grass with catnip. Catnip is a member of the mint family, cat grass is typically grown from rye, barley, oat or wheat seeds. You will find a variety of kitty grass kits at your local pet store.
Some cats like to be the boss of the house all alone, but some of them like to have a friend around to play with. You can consider adopting the second cat if you think your cat will be fine with it. There are also many special technics to introduce cats to each other.

7) Keep Your House Clean.

8) Respect Their Private Time.

9) Provide A Nice Spot to Watch Outside.

10) Use Positive Re-enforcement, Not Punishments.

Thank you very much for reading!!
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