One of the most common reasons why pets are being abandoned in Bulgaria is the appearance of a baby. More than once we have received messages such as: “We are expecting a baby, can you help us find a new home for our pet because we can’t care for it anymore.”
One of the most common reasons why families in Germany, Austria, and more countries in Europe decide to adopt a pet is because they are expecting a baby and they want their child to be raised with the love for animals so they can grow up together. The key virtue for raising children and pets is to have lots of patience and love.
“The best thing you can do for your child is to raise it with an animal. Children that are raised in this kind of environment learn to be more compassionate, more responsible, caring, and even in better physical shape. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that children raised among two or more dogs are less likely to suffer from respiratory diseases and otitis. Such relations haven’t been found for living with cats, but it does reduce the awakening of allergies at a later point in life.”
Preparations for welcoming a newborn child
There are several things you should do before and during your pregnancy:
1) If you already have a pet you should consult with your vet, do regular check-ups and vaccinations.
2) During pregnancy the pregnant woman and the cat have to be tested for toxoplasmosis and also the cat has to be tested for chlamydia. The test for toxoplasmosis can show that the human has already been sick once and has anti-bodies, which would serve as immunity against the disease. It is a little known fact, but there is a higher possibility to get infected by toxoplasmosis from consuming unwashed fruits and vegetables rather than get it from your pet.

You can read more about toxoplasmosis here:
3) During the pregnancy, the men of the house have to man up and clean the little gifts that your dog or cat can leave within the house. You could say that is a rather small price to pay to keep your pet and wife happy.
4) Consult with a human doctor as well – a pediatrician (from the newer generations of good doctors, not from the old ones, with outdated knowledge and unfounded old stereotypes).
5) Preliminary preparation of everyone at home for acquainting a baby: making your home baby proof, cutting the kitten’s nails, and getting the kitten used to baby sounds, smells, and a crib during pregnancy to accept the new member of the family more easily and without problems and not accepting it as a very abrupt change.
6) It is also very important that the animal and the baby are raised together and being introduced to each other from the start so that they can get to know each other (of course under your strict surveillance). It is a mistake to keep them separated because that can cause stress and problems in the future.
7) If you are having trouble achieving a good and harmonized environment for both your baby or pet, you can always consult a professional in animal behavior, whom you can even invite in your home. You can find more information about this here: Pet Sitter Sofia.
With love and faith of having a better and more harmonized living with pets and children.
Dare 2 Care Animals team

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